Interactive Sound Installation

by Jessica Beckwith + Nora Breen

This interactive installation was created with the hope of challenging people to explore their relationship with themselves and with others. 

The perforated booths allow those on the outside to see the presence of the participants within while maintaining their anonymity, creating an opportunity for the individual to have a sense of privacy in a public space. Here they are asked a question and given the opportunity to share their answer in confidence. The answers are then recorded. Once the individual has confessed their confidential thoughts they then step out into the commonality where the answers of the collective blend and mix. The speakers are hung low, beneath the written question that they answer.  There are spaces by each speaker where the participant can sit and listen to the sole answers associated with that particular question.  Or they may venture to the center of the space where all the voices and answers blend creating the opportunity to free associate on the commonalities between us.