I began with light, that intangible magic.

Captivated by the essence that can be seen and felt, that arises out of a material in a moment and whispers of some aspect of a vast incomprehensible mystery, when the unspeakable and intangible emerge from the work and materialize.

Light, sound, projectors, transparencies, shadow, dimension, perspective, these are my tools. Engaging the principals of physics, transcending space and time. 

Jessica Beckwith is a Brooklyn based artist. Born in Michigan she moved to NYC at 19 to attend The National Shakespeare Conservatory. She has performed and directed both traditional and new works in The KGB theater in NYC, amongst others; in Boston, Los Angeles, and in several regional theaters in Michigan. Influenced by her classical training and love of Grotowski, Jessica began to explore installations, creating spaces that subtly implicated the viewer into the experience.

Jessica's work is inspired by the parallels found in Science, Metaphysics, and Consciousness.

Her photographs, collage, projections, and multi-media installations have been included in exhibitions in both NYC and Istanbul. Notably Performa 13, Governors Island Art Fair, Galleria Ca D'Oro, Hodjapasha Cultural Center and more.